Paid Tutor ID 01
Address Neyagawa Osaka
Gender Female
Age 21
How to Contact By E-mail
where to study At Your Place
At a Cafe
Seeking for Japanese Language Tutor
International Friends
Teaching Method Proceed with the lesson according to the text (all levels)
Japanese conversation partner (beginner)
Japanese Teaching Experience Non
Japanese Teaching Lisence Non
How to do Language Lessson Classes only speaking in Japanese
Supplementary explanations available in Japanese and English
Availability negotiable
Need Japanese Language Textbook? Please bring your textbook.
It is also possible without using a textbook.
First Trial Lesson Fee 500 yen/ hour
Transportation Fee. Extra.
Lesson Fee per hour / Private Session. 1,500 yen
Lesson Fee per hour / Group Lesson. 1,000 yen/ per hour / per person
Status University College Students
Self-Introduction こんにちは、miyuです!現在,大学生です!!!大学を卒業したら、日本語を外国人に教えるお仕事をしたいな,と思っています^ ^よろしくお願いします!!!
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