Paid Tutor ID 02
Address Osaka city Osaka
Gender Female
Age 18
How to Contact By E-mail
where to study Your Place
On Line
Seeking for Japanese Language Tutor
International Friends
Language Exchange Partner
Teaching Method Good at explaining Japanese grammar (for advanced level)
Proceed with the lesson according to the text (all levels)
Japanese conversation partner (beginner)
Japanese Teaching Experience Non
Japanese Teaching Lisence Non
How to do Language Lessson Classes only speaking in Japanese
Supplementary explanations available in Japanese and English
Availability negotiable
Need Japanese Language Textbook? Please bring your own textbook.
Please purchase the recommended textbook.
It is also possible without textbook.
First Trial Lesson Fee 100 yen/ hour
Transportation Fee. Extra.
Lesson Fee per hour / Private Session. 500 yen
Lesson Fee per hour / Group Lesson. 500 yen/ per hour / per person
Status High School Students
Self-Introduction こんにちは☀ 18歳のりさです! コミュニケーションが大好きで楽しくわいわい授業をしていきたいです!日本語と英語が喋れます! 授業はワンコインでハイクオリティなものを提供していこうと思っています。 【授業】 ティーンエイジャーなので流行りの言葉やみんながよく使う日本語から、バイト経験もあるので敬語や丁寧な言葉まで幅広く生徒さんに合わせて授業を進めていこうと思います! 生徒さんに合わせて授業は決めていくのでどんどんリクエストしてください😊 Hello☀ I’m Risa and 18 years old. I can speak Japanese and English! I love communicate with a lot of people so I would like to make fun class!! The class cost is just 500yen but I make a high quality of class🔥 【Class】 I’m a teenager so I know Japanese slangs also I had an experience of part time job so I can tell you polite Japanese too!! I will make classes fit of you then please request me
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